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Eagles Vs Giants: Giants Score First With Manningham TD

The Eagles and Giants were locked in a defensive struggle for most of the first quarter, but the stalemate was broken when Eli Manning hit Mario Manningham for a 35 yard TD.

Manningham and CB Dimitri Patterson looked to be almost wrestling in the secondary until Manningham broke off and got wide open for an easy Giants TD. Patterson was flagged on the play.

The Eagles defense has completely shut down the Giants run game leading to a lot of 2nd and 3rd and longs, but the Giants have been able to convert through the air to keep drives alive. They converted three third downs on their scoring drive.

The Eagles offense hasn’t done much so far, with Michael Vick throwing a bad pick on the bird’s opening drive. He’s just 1-4 for 5 yards so far. The Eagles have had some success on the ground with LeSean McCoy gaining 23 yards on two carries. He needs just five more yards to go over 1,000 on the season.