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Eagles Vs Giants: Controversial Call Puts Giants Up 24-3 At The Half

It was a nightmare end to the first half for the Eagles, who gave up 10 points in a span of about 15 seconds. Once again the victim of a TD throw was Dimitri Patterson.

The Eagles defense had held the Giants to a FG on the previous drive and gave the offense the ball back with :48 left in the half. After a Michael Vick scramble on first down, Jeremy Maclin caught and then fumbled a ball which the Giants returned to the Eagles three yard line. Maclin never appeared to have possession of the ball, which the Fox crew agreed with. However, the play would be upheld after a replay and the GIants would score on the very next play. Dimitri Patterson gave Hakeem Nicks an inexplicably large cushion at the goal line which allowed him to just turn around make a simple catch for a TD.

That’s three 3 TDs for the Giants in the first half, all of which you can reasonably say where Patterson’s fault.