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Eagles Nate Allen Reportedly Tears Patellar Tendon, Done For The Year

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Word out of Giants stadium is that Eagles rookie safety Nate Allen has a torn patella tendon in his knee and will miss the remainder of the year. Allen was the Eagles second overall pick this season, they lost their first overall pick, Brandon Graham, last week to a torn ACL.

The patella tendon connects the knee cap and according to what I’ve read it is a somewhat rare but not a really tough injury to repair. Allen can be expected to be 100% after surgery, but it’ll definitely cost him the rest of this year and he’ll have a lot of rehab work in the offseason. He will liekly be able to put full weight on the knee after six weeks and complete recovery should be around six months.

Of course, this does vary depending on the severity of the injury… either way there’s a lot of work ahead for Allen.