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Eagles Vs Giants: Michael Vick Finds Jeremy Maclin To Cut Giants Lead to 24-10

The Eagles finally got themselves a break and finally made the Giants pay. New York WR Mario Manningham, who has two TD catches today, caught a routine pass and was running out of bounds when he inexplicably just dropped the ball. Rookie Jamar Chaney recovered and the Eagles were left with great field position.

Three plays later the Giants flat out blew coverage on Jeremy Maclin, who Michael Vick found for an eight yard TD. It was Maclin’s ninth TD of the season.

It’s a baby step for the Eagles who really got a gift from Manningham on the play. He was being wrapped about around the ankles and headed out of bounds when he just put the ball on the ground. It was a bizarre fumble and really not a result of anything the Eagles did. That said, they’ll take it and it was a good job by the offense making the Giants pay. The Giants are now punting with two minutes left in the 3rd.