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Eagles Vs Giants: Eagles Score 14 Points In Two Minutes To Make It 31-24

What a miraculous turn of events in the Meadowlands. Midway through the fourth quarter DeSean Jackson caught a 20+ yard pass over the middle and appeared at first to fumble it. Replays clearly showed that he was touched on his way down which would have negated the fumble. Andy Reid inexplicably opted not challenge the play, the Giants took over and promptly marched down the field to take a 21 point lead. That’s where it got interesting.

Michael Vick hit Brent Celek for a 65 yard TD on the ensuing drive. Then David Akers executes a perfect onsides kick that caught the Giants completely by surprise. Riley Cooper recovers and the Eagles suddenly have all the momentum. Michael Vick then escapes a sacks and runs the ball 35 yards to get the Eagles into the red zone. A few plays later he runs the ball off tackle five yards for a TD.

The Giants have the ball back with 5 minutes to go and the Meadowlands crowd stunned.