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Eagles Vs Vikings: Andy Reid Discusses Postponed Game

With a blizzard pounding Philadelphia and virtually shutting down the city, the NFL decided to postpone the Eagles vs Vikings Sunday night game until Tuesday evening. Coach Andy Reid was asked about how the postponement affects teams preparation not only for this week, but next Sunday against Dallas as well.

What challenges does the postponement present for you, your staff and your team?

“Listen, really, nothing. We’re OK with it. We’re organized and prepared for this, and we completely support what the league did from a safety standpoint for everybody. We got the guys out of the hotel and home, and they’ll come back for a walk through tomorrow and then to the hotel, and it will be just like a Saturday night before a Sunday game, just a normal Saturday night – Sunday schedule.”

How tough will it be facing Dallas next week on a short week with so much potentially at stake?

“I don’t think it’s a problem. I think we’ll be all right. We’ve had Monday games, Sunday night games, we had a Thursday game, so we’ve been through a lot of this already, and that will help us. We’ll be fine.”

What will the schedule be next week?

“We’ll be off Wednesday, then we’ll come back Thursday and do a little more (than a normal Thursday), then we’ll have a normal Friday, bring them to the hotel Saturday, and go Sunday.”