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Philadelphia Eagles Clinch 2010 NFC East Title

With the Giants blowout loss in Green Bay, the Eagles have officially clinched the 2010 NFC East title for the first time since 2006. Heading into this weekend the Eagles needed a win over the Vikings or a Giants loss to clinch the division, the birds game ended up being canceled but it didn’t matter. Eli Manning threw four interceptions as the Giants fell in Green Bay sealing the division for the Eagles. The Giants would now be out of the playoffs if the season ended today.

This makes next week’s matchup of the Bears and Packers big for both NFC East teams. If the Eagles win out and the Giants win their final game, a Packers win will not only knock the Giants out of the playoffs but secure the #2 seed and a first round bye for the Eagles.

This is the Eagles' 6th NFC East title under Andy Reid and 8th overall, which moves them into second place behind the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas has a fairly astounding 20 division titles while the Giants are now in 3rd with 7.