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Eagles Vs Vikings: Michael Vick Finds Clay Harbor to Grab Early Lead

Starting the drive at midfield after the penalty, the Eagles went to a quick pitch from Vick to Jackson that almost got blown up by Jared Allen. It went for nothing, but the four hits on Michael Vick this early have to be disconcerting. For a team that just clinched a playoff spot, a hurt quarterback is the last thing anybody wants. If the Birds take a lead going into the half, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more Kevin Kolb than we’re used to.

On third down, Vick aired it out to Jeremy Maclin and drew a flag on Asher Allen for pass interference, picking up 24 yards on the penalty. Closing in on the red zone, Reid called two straight runs to LeSean McCoy, which went for a total of -5. On 3rd and long, Vick escaped the pocket and found Maclin just in-bounds, down to the 3. Minnesota tried to challenge the play but Vick ran another one before they could throw the flag.

The following play, Vick had tons of time in the pocket and waited for a lane to open up and found one in Clay Harbor. In the back of the end zone, Harbor made an athletic grab to get both feet in before being pushed out of play. Ruled a touchdown, Minnesota challenged the play and, though it seemed Harbor slid his back foot out before the second foot touched, it was upheld. That’s Clay’s first career touchdown and Vick’s 21st passing touchdown of the year.

7-0 Eagles.