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Eagles Vs Vikings: Offensive Line Not Protecting Vick So Far

Starting their third drive from the 20, the Eagles tried to establish the running game, allowing Shady McCoy to juke his way to 10 yards then dumping it to him for 4 more. In a continuous display of the theatre known as “Michael Vick Makes Defensive Linemen Look Silly”, Vick danced around Jared Allen and the Vikings defense and hit Brent Celek at the first down marker. Celek fought his way for 12 yards and another first down as the first quarter came to a close.

McCoy added another silky 10 yard run, but then the pressure started to come harder. Ray Edwards sandwiched Vick for his first sack of the year and the 6th time Vick has gotten hit hard already. The offensive line isn’t giving Mike a consistent pocket to work with. Winston Justice and Jason Peters are getting hurt too much on the outside. An uncharacteristically bad punt from Sav Rocca gives the Vikings the ball at the 26 to start their first second quarter drive.

7-0 Eagles.