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Eagles Vs Vikings: Michael Vick Intercepted, Then Adrian Peterson Fumbles

Michael Vick threw his 6th interception this season, but it was more like a punt anyway. It was a deep ball to DeSean Jackson that was thrown to the wrong side and got picked by Husain Abdullah. He’s been a little more generous with the football to opposing teams of late, definite cause for concern heading into the playoffs.

After the Vikings took over, Adrian Peterson started tearing up the Eagles run defense, getting 15 yards on one play and 23 the next. Unfortunately for the All-Pro, at the end of his second run the ball came loose by the foot of Percy Harvin and was recovered by Quintin Mikell, his third fumble recovery of the season.

Halfway through the 2nd quarter, the Eagles have to punt for the third time tonight. Vick has been the benefit of two near-picks in the quarter, helped by embarrassing drops by former Eagle Lito Sheppard and Frank Walker. The Vikes, already a huge underdog, can’t afford to blow opportunities when they’re handed to them.

Still 7-0 Eagles.