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Eagles Vs Vikings: Joe Webb Keeping Vikings Close

While Leslie Frazier hasn’t been exactly dialing up difficult pass plays for Joe Webb, the rookie has bounced back from an awful game against Chicago to keep the Vikings close tonight. Simple outs and comebacks have gotten Webb a 60% completion percentage and 71 first half passing yards.

True, the offense hasn’t scored any points, but Webb threw two picks last week and he’s kept the ball away from the ball-hawking Eagles defense thus far. And he’s taking enough time off the clock so Philly’s offense doesn’t have as many chances.

Michael Vick, meanwhile, continues to get hit. Hard. The playoff bye is too appealing not to keep the starters in during a close game, but if Vick keeps getting killed every time he drops back, the Eagles will have more to worry about than playing on Wild Card weekend. Statistically speaking, his 13-21, 128 yards, TD, INT, and a fumble are very pedestrian. I can’t imagine he won’t go berserk in the second half.

The final drive that set up a 54-yard David Akers missed field goal should give him a boost heading into the third.