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Eagles Vs Vikings: Joe Webb Scores on Awful Eagles Defense

The Vikings handed the ball to Adrian Peterson three straight times to begin the drive for a total of 30 yards. Then, trying to do something different, Joe Webb completed a 10 yard swing pass to him. The next play, Asante Samuel demonstrated his poor tackling form by getting flagged for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Sidney Rice after a 16 yard gain. They both were shaken up on the play, and Asante had to sit a play after his second unnecessary roughness penalty of the year.

Another Eagles infraction later, and the Vikings had first and goal from the ten. Then Joe Webb escaped a few should-be sacks and walked in for a touchdown to embarrass Sean McDermott and the Eagles defense. The Vikings are a bad football team that this “Super Bowl contender” is losing to 17-7.

Stunned, but there’s 22 minutes of football left. All is not yet lost.