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University Of Miami Accounts For Eight NFL Pro Bowlers

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Even though "The U" hasn't been as dominant in college football as they have in recent years, they're still producing good NFL players. Eight of this year's pro bowlers were from Miami, which is more than the entire Pac 10 (7 players), Big 12 (7) and Big East (4).


The list of former Hurricanes that are current NFL pro bowlers is pretty impressive. Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Vince Wilfork, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Antrel Rolle, Devin Hester & Brandon Meriweather (who has no business in the pro bowl BTW.)


The Eagles have just one guy from Miami, which is DT Antonio Dixon. He's been mentioned by a few as an outside pro bowl snub after the superb year he's had.


The Eagles sent pro Bowlers from the Big East (David Akers - Louisville), Pac-10 (DeSean Jackson - Cal), ACC (Michael Vick - Virginia Tech), SEC (Jason Peters - Arkansas), & Conference USA (Asante Samuel - University Of Central Florida).