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Eagles' Kevin Kolb Focused On Cowboys, Not Looking To Future

With Michael Vick’s injury and the fact that this weekend’s game against the Cowboys will have no effect on the Eagles playoff seeding, all signs are pointing to Kevin Kolb getting his fifth start of the season. Kolb began the year as the Eagles starter, but was injured by halftime of the opening game and lost his starting job to Vick. When Vick himself got banged up, Kolb stepped in and played well in wins over the Falcons and 49ers. He didn’t play particularly well in a start against the Titans. Still, we’re talking about a young QB here who has just six NFL starts under his belt. He’s been named NFC offensive player of the week after two of those six starts.

He said this week that he isn’t sure he’ll start this weekend, but he preparing as if he’s the starter.

“If I approach it any other way, then I’ll be a step behind. I want to approach it like I’m going to be out there, take all the reps mentally that I can. Make sure I’m paying attention to the details.”

Kolb was asked about the future as well. With Vick all but assured to return and Kolb signed for just one more year, it’s likely the young QB will want a chance to start somewhere. However, for now Kolb says he’s only worried about winning with this team.

“I like this team so much and I enjoy being around Mike so much that I think it’s an injustice to the team to put my focus anywhere else, because what happens if they call on me this week, in the playoffs, whenever? There’s plenty of time for that this offseason. When that time comes, I’ll give it thought, but right now I’m focused on winning this next football game and hopefully going to win a Super Bowl.”