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Donovan McNabb Can't Resist Himself

You didn't think the media would pass up the chance to ask Donovan McNabb about the dynamic quarterback situation for the Philadelphia Eagles, did you? Likely not. And you didn't ever believe that McNabb wouldn't take the bait and comment on the situation, did you?

McNabb was asked about Michael Vick being named the starting quarterback by Andy Reid just one day after Reid had declared that Kevin Kolb was their guy. He tried to give a politcally correct answer, but ultimately couldn't help himself.

“My focus has been over here,” McNabb told reporters. “Really, everything that’s going on over there is none of my concern.  Anything I may say at this point really doesn’t matter.”

“That’s Philadelphia,” McNabb said when asked if he recognizes the irony involved. ”Things like that happen. I’ve been a part of that for 11 years and, obviously, as you see, it just doesn’t stop.”