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Andy Reid Answers More Questions About QB Decision

At this stage in the week, I think it's safe to say that most Philadelphia Eagles fans are past wanting to hear the explanation as to why Andry Reid named Michael Vick his starting quarterback for Week 3, and are instead just anxiously awaiting the kickoff of Sunday's game between the Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars. On Thursday, Reid joined Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio to talk about his decision making process earlier in the week, how he's still a huge believer in Kevin Kolb, and how making tough decisions like this on a weekly basis are part everyday life as an NFL head coach.

Below are a few choice excerpts from the interview (via: SRI)

On just how controversially he knew the decision would be received:

"I knew there was going to be controversy. That's why Jeff Laurie pays me what he pays me, and I've got to make decisions like this. At the same time, I've got to make sure to protect the players and the football team, and they're always number one on my mind there."

On if he thinks Vick can handle the scrutiny of being the quarterback in Philadelphia:

"You know what Colin, the things that he went through the last three years...the last three or four years actually...I think that makes you grow up real fast. So if he wasn't mature before, I think he's there now. He's been so diligent about making his game better than what it was before he was incarcerated and he was pretty good back then, as we know. And he's worked on that pocket part of it. And I don't sit there and hammer him out staying in the pocket, I want him to make his own mark on the offense. But at the same time, I want him to look down the field. If he does it from the pocket, that's great, if he moves, make sure he keeps his eyes down the field. And he's doing that. He's shown that he's mastered that here over the last several games."

On if the Eagles would entertain trading Kevin Kolb:

"How foolish would I be to trade Kevin Kolb. I mean, really, this kid here, I'm in a great situation and I mentioned this yesterday to our media: this is a beautiful thing in my eyes; I've got a completely different perspective than what the general public and maybe what the media was presenting me yesterday in my press conference in that I'm sitting here as an NFL head coach with two quarterbacks that I know can win me a championship. That's a great, great thing. There are a lot of head coaches that can't say that."