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Eagles Vs Jaguars: Eagles Red Zone Offense Stays Hot

One of the things that hasn’t been talked about regarding the Eagles offense under Michael Vick is the performance in the red zone. It’s something the Eagles have struggled with for a couple years now. And for a few years we’ve been trying to figure out who was to blame.

Was it poor playcalling? Were the WRs too short? Was it Donovan McNabb’s fault?

Well, with the same coach and same WRs the Eagles are now seven of eight in the red zone this season. It should be plain to anyone who’s watched these games that Michael Vick is most likely the biggest factor there. He’s making plays down there. Vick says that his "eyes light up" inside the 20.

"If you go back to my days in Atlanta I thought we always did a good job in the red zone and had a high efficiency and percentage in the red zone and were able to score a lot of points.  My eyes light up when we get down there and I think everybody else on this football team does too.  You have to go out there and put the ball in the end zone. You work so hard to get down there and you don't want field goals, you want touchdowns."