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Eagles and Jaguars React To Michael Vick's Performance

The whole league has been buzzing about Michael Vick’s performance Sunday after he accounted for all four of the teams’ TDs. The players and coaches of both the Eagles and Jaguars are probably buzzing the most.

Andy Reid

He’s been playing his heart out for the last six quarters, including this game here. He played his heart out today so it’s more about him than me than anything else. It’s a tribute to what he has done and how he has handled things. I’m proud of him for doing that

Jaguars DT Terence Knighton

“Vick did a better job throwing than we expected. We gave him so much time and he torched us.’’

DeSean Jackson on Vick’s strong performance in short time

“The biggest thing with Mike is that he’s been in this situation before and he’s had these opportunities. He’s been a big-time quarterback in Atlanta. I think not playing two years definitely hurt him a little bit but as far as his speed and his game, his instincts, have come back fast. A lot of the things he’s able to do are the characteristics of things he’s always been able to and the gift he’s been able to bring to our team.”