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Michael Vick Wins NFC Offensive Player Of The Month Award

So far, Michael Vick is making Andy Reid look pretty smart. Just a week after Reid pulled a complete 180 and named Vick  his starting quarterback, seemingly ditching all of the plans he’d been making for two seasons, Michael Vick has been named as the NFC’s best offensive player for the month of September.

This isn’t just a case of the NFL liking Vick’s redemption story either. He’s earned the honor. Vick leads the NFC in both passer rating (110.2) and touchdowns (6). He’s completing over 60% of his passes for 250 yards per game. He’s also rushed for 170 yards with a TD.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King actually Vick as his early leader for the MVP award this season.

You can’t understate how good Michael Vick has been over the past 2.5 games. However, as he continues to play well the expectations will rise… especially as the Eagles start playing division rivals.