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Michael Vick Remains Humble, Focused Despite The Onslaught Of Accolades

The Michael Vick magic continues. What a performance by Vick and the Eagles this past Sunday. For his efforts Sunday and in the Eagles’ first two games of the season, Vick was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Month for September. The old Michael Vick might start to coast after getting off to such a torrid start. It doesn’t sound like that’s in the cards for the new Mr. Vick, who joined WIP in Philadelphia on Tuesday to talk about the whirlwind month he’s had, and what he plans to do to keep things trending in the direction for himself (on and off the field) and for his team.

On what’s changed in his world in the past few weeks (Host: “Your life has done a complete 360.”):

“For me personally, nothing has changed other than me spending more time here at the complex preparing myself for the competition on Sunday. That’s pretty much it. Nothing has changed for me personally. I’m living a somewhat boring lifestyle right now, but that’s what’s best for me… I can’t complain. I enjoy studying the game, learning as much as I can about the opponent. When I go home though, it’s just me and my wife. It’s not like it was before where I would go home and there would be a bunch of guys at the house, all my friends there. Now I go home to my family, which is not boring. I enjoy it and I love it. I would do it everyday. That’s just a part of it. That’s just what I’ve been doing lately.”

On how his preparation is helping him on the field:

“In the past I knew I could get by off my athletic ability. What knowledge I did have about the game I thought was enough. So I didn’t really feel like I needed to study my opponent each week because nine times out of ten, I felt like when we got into the game, we played a totally different defense than what I studied so I kind of threw that out the window along time ago. As time went on, I felt like I was cheating myself because I could be learning… I feel like I short-changed myself and this time, I didn’t want to do that.”

And on if Andy Reid tells him to focus on the pass and run only if necessary:

“Andy just tells me to go out and play the game.”