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Michael Vick Named Sporting News Comeback Player Of The Year

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While there was a debate for most of the season about whether Michael Vick or Tom Brady should win the MVP award, there was never really any debate about who the comeback player of the year was going to be. While the official award has yet to be announced, The Sporting News has named Michael Vick their comeback player of the season. The voting was done via a poll of 600 NFL players


The Eagles signed Vick before the 2009 season and for the most part that season he was little more than a gimmick player who would run some "wildcat-ish" plays which probably served to disrupt the offense more than help it. Then, when Donovan McNabb was traded Vick was passed over for the starting job by Kevin Kolb. After a pretty bad preseason, Vick looked like he was in for another season as a gimmck/spare part. But then Kevin Kolb got hurt, Vick got his shot and took full advantage. He turned in the best season of his career with personal highs in QB rating, completions, completion percentage, TDs, rushing TDs and yards while also posting a career low in interceptions. He finally emerged as the true dual threat the Atlanta Falcons hoped he'd become when they took him with the #1 overall pick out of Virgina Tech.


There may never be a more obvious example of the "Comeback Player Of The Year" whether it's from a personal or professional standpoint.


Sporting News also named David Akers and Asante Samuel to the All Pro first team and had Andy Reid as #3 in their coach of the year voting.