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Eagles Vs Cowboys: Reserves All Over the Field

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With most of the starting defense on the sidelines, guys like Trevard Lindley, Colt Anderson, and Keenan Clayton saw plenty of field time on the first drive. Texas A&M product Stephen McGee lined up under center for the Cowboys and looks shaky even against the Eagles reserves. The D let Miles Austin break a few tackles for a 31-yard gain but hunkered down after that when Dimitri Patterson sniffed out a run to Austin for a loss of nine.

It’s interesting to see who plays on special teams since everyone and their mother is inactive. Maybe Butch will fly down the sidelines on punt coverage.

As Kevin Kolb takes snaps, expect a ton of opportunities for Jerome Harrison, who started the season with the Browns and was traded for castoff Mike Bell. Clay Harbor continues to be a factor as a reserve tight end after catching a touchdown last week, he was on the receiving end of Kevin Kolb’s first throw of the game. Then Harrison got three straight calls, two out of the backfield and one in open space, going for 23 yards. A strong showing from him could net him a few plays next week. Two Kolb passes got knocked down to stop the drive, forcing a Sav Rocca punt.

0-0 in scrubville.