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2011 Senior Bowl: Philadelphia Eagles Meet With Oklahoma's Jeremy Beal

The Eagles will undoubtedly be kicking the tires on many players this week at the Senior Bowl. One player that our people down there spotted them talking with was Oklahoma DE/OLB Jeremy Beal. Every scouting report you read on Beal has all those buzzwords the Eagles seems to like, “relentless, high motor” and he supposedly is a guy who spends a ton of time studying film. The question is where he’d fit in the Eagles 4-3 defense.

He played both defensive end and linebacker in college and proved to have some success both in pass rushing and coverage. Many scouts feel he’s best suited as a 3-4 OLB, but could the Eagles be looking at him as a SAM. Of course, they could very look at him as a defensive end as well. He’s a team captain, has started a ton of games, been very productive… really a solid all around prospect.