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2011 NFL Draft: Philadelphia Eagles Reportedly Impressed With Baylor OT Danny Watkins

ESPN NFC East blogger (and Baylor alum) Matt Mosley reported today that the Eagles have been impressed with Baylor OL Danny Watkins at the Senior Bowl this week. Watkins played offensive tackle at Baylor, but has been working at guard this week and likely projects at that position in the NFL. Mocking the Draft has the 6’4 310 pound Watkins as the 7th ranked OT in the draft.

Watkins is an interesting story having not actually played football before 2007. He’s originally from Canada and had been a hockey player and volunteer firefighter. He went to a small division two school to play football, where he dominated on the offensive line and got the attention of bigger D-1 schools. He stepped in at left tackle for Baylor and really had a great career there.

One thing that is sure to give teams pause is that Watkins is 26, which is old for an NFL rookie. Plus, as I said he has limited football experience. You don’t expect a guy to be 30 years old by the time his rookie contract is up…

Watkins is expected to go sometime in the second round.