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Eagles Denied Permission To Interview Two Coaches For Defensive Coordinator Job

The Eagles requested permission to interview Miami Dolphins secondary coach Todd Bowles and Bengals defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle, but were denied permission according to a report from NFL Network. They were however, allowed to interview Chicago Bears secondary coach Jon Hoke.

The news that the Eagles sought to interview at least three candidates this week does throw into doubt the earlier speculation that the team had their eye on one of the Super Bowl assistants and were simply waiting for the conclusion of the game to make their move. It may still be the case that they’ll look to interview a Packers or Steelers coach as has been rumored, but they certainly don’t seem to be zeroed in on one.

The Eagles were allowed to speak with Bears secondary coach Jon Hoke and the team announced that interview took place today. As secondary coach in Chicago, Hoke’s unit allowed the second lowest amount of TD passes in the league this past year. The Eagles, on the other hand, set a franchise record for passing TDs allowed.

There may be a bit of a pattern emerging with the type of guys that the Eagles are targeting as nearly all have been secondary coaches. The two official interviews they’ve conducted have been with secondary coaches as were the two they were denied permission to speak with. There have also been reports that the Eagles are interested in Packers secondary coach Darren Perry.