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Andrew Luck Reportedly Staying At Stanford, Time To Re-Do Your Mock Draft

Reports out of California are that Stanford QB and presumed #1 overall pick, Andrew Luck, will reportedly stay in school for the 2011 season. The news could have potentially huge effects in the NFL as not only Luck, but his coach Jim Harbaugh were expected to head to the NFL this season. Since Luck is staying at Stanford, could that mean Harbaugh does as well? Should be interesting to see the fallout from this story.


The one fanbase sure to be crying today is the holders of the top pick, the Carolina Panthers. Luck was not only the presumed #1 overall pick, but he was clearly the top rated quarterback in the class. Now, the Panthers, who could have felt they won something by getting the #1 overall pick will be left scrambling to choose among what's left or try to unload a pick that no one likely wants.


Many draftniks see LSU corner Patrick Peterson as the #2 rated player in the draft, but could you see a team spending the #1 overall pick on a corner? WR A.J. Green from Georgia has also been mentioned, but again... would you take a WR with your #1 overall pick?