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Jim Harbaugh Reportedly On The Verge Of Becoming Highest Paid Coach In NFL

The Miami Dolphins are reportedly offering Stanford Cardinal coach Jim Harbaugh upwards of $8 million a year to become their new head coach. As part of the deal, Harbaugh will also receive significant control over football operations. The deal would make Harbaugh the highest paid coach in the NFL. Considering all the other high profile college coaches who have flopped in the pros, it's difficult to understand Miami's thinking.

Just for reference, he would be paid more than his brother, John Harbaugh, who is currently the coach of the Baltimore Ravens, has won 32 games in three years and made the playoffs three times in his first three years as an NFL head coach. Meanwhile, Jim has had a whopping two winning seasons as head coach of Stanford. In fact, he hasn't even won his own conference... and this guy is going to be paid more than Bill Belichick who has three Superbowl rings?


Good luck with that Dolphins!


Now that said, the Dolphins owner is a billionaire and there's never been any caps on what a team can spend on coaches, so the money he drops on Harbaugh doesn't really hurt the team... But, the huge salary will come with huge expectations and the odds don't seem to favor his chances of meeting those expectations.