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Eagles Vs Packers: Omar Gaither Recovers Fumble, David Akers Misses FG

After a weak Gerard Lawson kick return, Desmond Bishop blitzed the weak side of Michael Vick, passing Jason Peters who went for the inside defender, and sacked him back at the Eagles 5. An awful start for the offense, who is intent on protecting Vick after he got beat up in Minnesota. The next play Vick went short to Jason Avant, whose man has fallen down, getting all the way within one yard of the first down marker. On third down, Andy Reid called a play action rather than hand the ball to LeSean McCoy and Vick got gobbled up by the Packers defense.

Sav Rocca booted an ugly punt, which rolled around for a while before Colt Anderson blocked his man into the ball. His foot hit the ball and Omar Gaither recovered. It was a really boneheaded play by the Packers special teams unit and Brandon Underwood.

When the Eagles got it back, they failed to get the ball into the red zone and were forced to kick a 41 yard field goal. Pro Bowler David Akers pulled it wide right and the Eagles were held scoreless.

Strange first few minutes.