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Eagles Vs Packers: DeSean Jackson Injured, Offenses Silent

The Eagles defense managed to hunker down on third down — meaning Jordy Nelson dropped a wide open pass for a first down and the Packers had to punt. Pinned inside the 10, Michael Vick went to Brent Celek for 9 then ran the ball for the first down, showing Andy Reid that he doesn’t need to roll out Vick on short yardage situations. But he probably will.

On the next running play, LeSean McCoy picked up 6 but was tackled into the back of DeSean Jackson’s leg. On the side line it looked like he was nursing his knee. He just walked into the locker room. Sav Rocca punted again, giving the Packers the ball back at their own 32.

Still 0-0, update on DeSean’s health to come.