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Eagles Vs Packers: Aaron Rodgers Touchdown to Tom Crabtree

The Packers rushing game, one of the worst in the league, broke a 27 yard rush to the wrong side of the 50. James Starks, rookie out of Buffalo, pulled it off after breaking a few tackles and getting brought down by Dimitri Patterson. The defense had the Packers in a 3rd down situation, but Keenan Clayton was drawn offsides by Aaron Rodgers and gift-wrapped a first down.

With a fresh set of downs, Rodgers again tried to establish the running game. Starks picked up a few on a run then took a swing pass, broke a weak Ernie Sims tackle, and picked up another first down into the Eagles red zone. On another third down, Rodgers ran away from Darryl Tapp and hit safety valve John Kuhn for a first down inside the 10. Every positive yardage play for the Packers on this drive has gone to a running back so far. Until Rodgers found a wide open Tom Crabtree for the score. Another awful showing from the Eagles red zone defense.

Oh, and Andy Reid has already used two of his first half timeouts and DeSean Jackson is questionable to return. Not looking good.

7-0 Packers.