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Eagles Vs Packers: Aaron Rodgers to James Jones for Another TD

The Packers haven’t done anything other than take what this Eagles defense gives them. And right now, the D is giving them painfully open lanes, missed tackles, and a terrible lack of discipline. They’ve had a few opportunities to get to Aaron Rodgers, but he’s wriggled away and hit open receivers. The Pack put the ball on the ground twice on this drive, but the Eagles could not capitalize.

Rodgers got into the red zone after finding Greg Jennings on the sidelines, then closed in when the Eagles let him walk through the pocket and pick up some yards with his legs. The next play he waited for the play to develop and watched as James Jones beat Asante Samuel by the pylon for another touchdown.

Methodically, the Packers marched 57 yards on 12 plays to drive the knife deeper into the Eagles chests. Nothing is going right at this point, though DeSean Jackson looks like he will return.

14-0 Packers. The last time the Eagles trailed 14-0 in a playoff game was against Green Bay in 2003 — the 4th-and-26 game.