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Eagles Vs Packers: Michael Vick Drive Stalls, David Akers Kicks FG

With DeSean Jackson back on the field, Michael Vick threw a strike to Jeremy Maclin, who caught the ball in stride in the middle of the field and took it 44 yards to the Packers 30. Then, giving the momentum directly back to Green Bay, Winston Justice got flagged for a false start to push the Birds back a bit. B.J. Raji made a terrific play on a McCoy screen to stop him at the original line of scrimmage, then on second down Raji knocked a Vick throw down at the line. 3rd and 10 from the 30, Vick decided quickly to keep it himself, picking up 14 yards after slithering by A.J. Hawk.

After DeSean Jackson dropped a ball that could have gotten the Eagles to a short yardage third down, they had to get 7 yards to pick up a first as the 2-minute warning sounded. With nothing working, Vick just got away from the Packers D-Line and dumped off to Jason Avant who never had a chance to get to the first down. Failing to succeed in the red zone once again, David Akers popped in a 29 yard field goal to put the Eagles on the board.

Keeping the Packers off the board in the last 1:11 will be huge going into halftime. If the Packers score again, the morale will be mighty low in the locker room.

14-3 Green Bay.