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Eagles Vs Packers: Michael VIck Laser to Jason Avant for TD

Starting their first drive of the second half at the 24 after Darryl Tapp popped the ball out of Aaron Rodgers’ hand for a Juqua Parker fumble recovery, the Eagles only required two plays to finally get into the end zone. One of them was an incomplete pass to LeSean McCoy. The other was a Michael Vick rope to Jason Avant down the middle of the field for a 24-yard touchdown reception. Avant’s got 4 catches for 55 yards today and easily the team’s best player so far.

This has to give the whole team a big dose of confidence as the defense handed the offense the short field with which to score. The Packers still lead by 4, but with almost a full half of football to go, the skies are certainly clearing (metaphorically) over Lincoln Financial Field right now.

14-10 Packers.