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Eagles Vs Packers: David Akers Misses Another Field Goal

Sav Rocca pinned the Packers back at their own two yard line when Colt Anderson knocked the ball back just before it got to the end zone. With 4:27 left in the third and up two scores, the Pack would love a clock-eating drive into the fourth quarter. James Starks started with two, then John Kuhn added three more to make it a gettable third and five. With his feet in the end zone, Aaron Rodgers escaped Jamar Chaney and threw it to Greg Jennings, but was off the mark and almost got picked by Asante Samuel.

The Eagles benefited from the stop, starting their drive just outside the 50-yard line, that is until Winston Justice jumped again and pushed them back 5 yards. Then he got called for holding and moved back 10 more. On 1st-and-25, he found his man today, Jason Avant for 11. Even though he had tons of time, nobody got open on second down and threw incomplete to Shady. Dangerously close to having to punt again, the Pack only blitzed three, allowing Michael Vick time to throw a bullet to Avant, who got walloped by two Packers but managed to hold on for a first down.

Two Shady rushes later and the Eagles had crossed the 25 and faced a first down as the third quarter came to an end. They play the fourth and possibly final quarter with the wind at their backs. Riley Cooper got loose and caught a 7 yard pass to get into the red zone for the second time today. But two rushing attempts went into the line (the second of which was from the shotgun, an awful decision on third and short), bringing up a fourth down. Andy Reid opted to kick a field goal to cut it to a one-score game. But David Akers missed his second field goal of the game, this one from just 34 yards, and the offense came up empty-handed.

With just 13 minutes left in the game, the Eagles are still down two scores and could be looking at the last quarter of their season.

21-10 Packers.