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Eagles Vs Packers: Michael Vick Rushes for TD, Conversion Fails

The Packers only need a few first downs to run this clock all the way to the ground, but two rushes left them at a 3rd and 4. They opted to pass and unfortunately for the Eagles, Donald Driver had 10 yards of space with which to pick up the first down. He did, and the clock keeps running.

On another third down, the Packers handed off to John Kuhn but Moises Fokou shot the gap and wrapped up Kuhn in the backfield, bringing him down with help from the D-line. Nine minutes to go, the Eagles start their drive from the 26 with King Dunlap in the game for the struggling Winston Justice.

DeSean Jackson caught his first pass of the game, bursting past Green Bay linebackers for 19 yards. Vick went sideways to LeSean McCoy next, who scurried down the sidelines for 11 and brought the Eagles to the Packers 40. Another first down to Jason Avant later (on a short drop!), and the Eagles were driving with the clock under 6 minutes. After Vick missed Brent Celek on a broken play, LeSean McCoy took a dump pass to the Packers 18. A few plays later Vick calmly hit Celek who brought some defenders with him to the 3-yard-line.

Two horribly drawn-up plays later and the Eagles were looking at a 3rd and goal from the 2, and 4:17 left on the clock. Vick took it himself AGAIN rather than hand the ball to a running back, and the Packers were not surprised, chopping him down at the one. It’s fourth down, down two scores, with 4 minutes remaining. What do you do, Andy Reid?

Call a timeout of course!

After the break, Big Red decided to send his offense out there rather than go for Akers again. Vick took it himself, to no one’s surprise, but this time he got in the end zone, pushing the ball over the plane.

On the two-point conversion (to cut it to a field goal), Brent Celek caught the ball in the back of the end zone, but stepped out of the end zone first and by rule can not be the first to touch the ball afterward. The refs overruled themselves and gave the Eagles another try at the end zone, from five yards back. Great job by the officials to talk that one out, but Vick didn't see a wide open Celek in the middle and had to get rid of the ball with pressure in his face. Unfortunately Vick rolled his ankle on that play and is hobbling on the sidelines.

21-16 Packers. Those Akers misses hurt as bad as ever. Kevin Kolb warming on the sidelines.