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Eagles Vs Packers: Michael Vick Intercepted, Green Bay Wins

The DeSean Jackson punt return didn’t go too well, hurt by a holding penalty on Gerard Lawson. Michael Vick and the Eagles have 1:45 left to drive from their 34 and save the season, thus condemning the Packers’.

The first play was a short drop to DeSean Jackson, who beat both the referee and Charlie Peprah for 28 yards down the middle of the field. Next play from the Packers 38, Michael Vick floated a ball over the head of Brent Celek around the Packers 10. As Celek came down empty-handed from his jump, he was jacked up, and defenseless, but since he is a receiver, the refs didn’t call a penalty.

On 3rd and 10, Vick hit Riley Cooper in stride for 10 yards and a first down. Rather than spiking the ball and setting up, Vick tried to float a pass into the end zone for Cooper, and Tramon Williams picked it off. After an Aaron Rodgers kneel down, the clock ran out.

This was as ugly a game as you’ll see in the playoffs and the Eagles had many factors that undid them over the course of the game. David Akers’ missed field goals hurt the worst, but the dropped passes, the terrible run defense, and costly penalties killed them as well. So much work to do before next season, especially on the defensive end.

Congrats to Green Bay, the Eagles offseason begins now.