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Philadelphia Eagles Sad Stat Of The Morning

The Philadelphia Eagles are 1-4, which is just hard to believe for a team with as much talent -- Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy etc. -- as the Dream Team has on the roster. But really, it's even more bizarre than it seems.

Statistically, the Eagles are accomplishing futility in a manner that few teams have managed throughout NFL history. And their Week 5 loss to the Bills might be the weirdest yet.

Hit the jump for some numbers via ESPN Stats & Info that shed light on just how bizarre this losing has been.

Eagles gained 1,002 yards in the last 2 weeks. They're the 3rd team to gain 1,000 yds over consec. games and lose both in NFL history #ELIAS
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There's also this fun fact (via Stats & Info): "Thanks to our friends from Accuscore, based on 10,000 simulations using preseason data, there was only a one percent chance that the Bills would be 4-1 and the Eagles would have a 1-4 record."


So does that put the onus for losing on the Eagles defense? Well not exactly. Despite their inability to tackle, the Eagles defense ranks 15th in the league -- or completely average. Meanwhile, in the Eagles' Week 5 loss to the Bills, the offense turned the ball over five times, including a career-high four picks for Michael Vick.

The more the Eagles lose, the weirder this season becomes.

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