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Week 6 NFL Power Rankings: Philadelphia Eagles Rankings Roundup

A roundup of the Philadelphia Eagles Week 6 NFL Power Rankings. After four losses in their first five games, the Eagles are catching a lot of heat.

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After a fourth loss in five games, the Philadelphia Eagles have understandably plummeted in Week 6 NFL Power Rankings around the internet, and No. 21 seems to be Philadelphia's consensus ranking.

Fox Sports was first to rank Philadelphia 21st, comparing the Eagles to a train wreck.

The Eagles are like witnessing a train wreck; while it is hard to watch, you just can't seem to pull your eyes from it. They are up and down the field, but keep turning over the ball in the scoring zones. Defensively, they played hard but still can't seem to tie the front and back ends together, and have way too many missed tackles. Either one will get you beat.

CBS Sports also gave the Eagles the 21st spot, wondering whether Andy Reid is on the hot seat.

Is Andy Reid in trouble? You have to ask the question. The offensive line is getting Mike Vick killed.

ESPN afforded Philadelphia the 21st spot, as well, discussing the discrepancy between Philadelphia's talent and performance.

I mean, I've seen four of their five games in person. They have plenty of athletic talent, but they just don't play the game of football especially well. And I really think that's going to hold them back. John Clayton still has them up at 18, which inflates this ranking a bit. But right now they're down there in the bottom third, and they've earned their way there. I'll be interested to see their ranking next week. If they play well and by some miracle win in Washington, I wonder if the voters will bump them way up thinking "they're back." And if they lose and fall to 1-5, they'll have to be down right there at the bottom with the other absolute worst teams in the league. No matter how much athletic talent they have.

The Eagles resume play Sunday against Washington in a "must-win" game.

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