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Michael Vick: "We've Beat Ourselves"

The theme for all Eagles this week, from coaching on down, is clearly about limiting mistakes and preventing turnovers. With the Eagles leading the league in turnovers, it's about time turnovers became an emphasis. Andy Reid more or less called it the #1 issue facing the team, which was a sentiment echoed today by QB Michael Vick.

"We need to just not commit the same mistakes over and over again." Vick said. "I think it’s just guys trying too hard and being to the best they can be at that position. We’re going to try and limit that and just keep doing what we’re doing. We’ve been very productive, but at the same time, we’ve beat ourselves. We have to knock that out."

There's been some suggestion that the mistakes have come as a result of the team pressing and that the huge expectations on them this season had maybe dented their confidence. However, he says that despite the team's struggles, they remain upbeat.

"I think we still have a very confident group. We’re going to continue to be that way, and keep working hard and keep fighting to be the best. We need to go out there and play a complete game in all three phases of the game and not turn the ball over, get some turnovers, and make some plays on special teams. We’ll be okay."

Vick is also well aware of what a win this weekend would mean for the team and the fanbase.

"It would be big to win this game this week. We just have to get our minds right and focused to go out and do so. It shouldn’t be any other way with any other train of thought. We go out and play with confidence, and play the game to win. Not to turn the ball over, we want to play the game to win. You focus on going out and trying to play mistake-free football. Sometimes, it’s not that way and things don’t go the way you want them to go. Every play is not going to be a perfect play, but you have to learn to keep pushing it and keep moving forward. Guys just have to take up that mindset."