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Eagles Vs Redskins: Can Eagles Limit Turnovers And Remain Aggressive?

Nearly every Eagle that has stepped in front of a microphone this week has stressed the importance of limiting turnovers. Clearly, it’s a major point of emphasis for the team as they prepare for Sunday’s game against the Redskins. But if the team is worried about not turning the ball over, can they still be aggressive and make plays? Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg addressed that very issue this week.

"Oh, absolutely, you’ve seen it in the past. Taking care of the ball is a conscious mindset in every way. And so, it’s just that simple. And again, I do know this, emphasize it [because] it’s crystal clear [and] typically that part of it gets better. And the aggressiveness part, the natural instinct is to kind of [scale back] and become conservative and that’s the wrong approach, I think, normally."

Mornhinweg stressed that the turnovers haven’t been a result of taking big risks or doing things well out of the ordinary, "If you look at the turnovers, these are not plays where we’re taking big risks."

Certainly, that’s been the case for Michael Vick’s league leading 7 picks. The Washington Post took a look at them and found that it was tough to blame all but maybe one or two on a poor decision he had made.