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Eagles Vs Redskins Video: Michael Vick Hits Brent Celek To Put Eagles Up 7-0

After Kurt Coleman picked off Rex Grossman, Michael Vick and the Eagles capitalized with a 7 yard Michael Vick pass to Brent Celek to put them up 7-0. The Eagles were the beneficiary of some luck earlier in the drive when a direct snap went over LeSean McCoy's head and bounced all the way to the end zone, only to have Michael Vick pick up the pass and throw it away. A flag was thrown and the initial thought was that intentional grounding would be called on Vick, but in actuality it was a 15 yard roughing the passer penalty on Brian Orapko who quite clearly hit Michael Vick helmet to helmet.

11 plays later, Michael Vick would find Brent Celek for a 7 yard TD thanks to a pretty nifty playcall. Celek starts the play as a blocker, but peels off for a screen and scores easily.


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