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Eagles Trade Rumors: Andy Reid Says Eagles Are Talking

At his usual Monday press conference today Eagles head coach Andy Reid admitted that a lot of teams had been calling and he was talking trades, but obviously refused to divulge any info about what if anything might happen. The NFL's trade deadline is Tuesday at 4pm. The trade deadline in football is nowhere near as chaotic and active as it is in the other major sports, but the Eagles have made some moves in recent years.

Most notable was in 2009 when the Eagles brought in LB Will Witherspoon in a deadline deal. If you look at what this team might need right now, LB would obviously be a spot where they could look to bring in help again. Generally though, you won't see many big names or even small names move on deadline day. This year, most of the speculation has surrounded guys like Broncos' WR Brandon Lloyd and Bears S Chris Harris.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that DE Juqua Parker's name had been "kicked around" in trade discussions. With 2010 first round pick Brandon Graham expected to be back after the bye along with possibly Trent Cole as well, Parker doesn't seem to have much of a place on the team. Cole and Jason Babin are the starters with Graham, Darryl Tapp and Phillip Hunt all as depth. There just seems to be no need for Parker. That said, don't expect much, if anything in return for him. He is 33, has played sparingly and is in the last year of his deal. He'd be strictly a depth guy at this point.

Reid was asked about the Parker rumors today and told reporters, "If we got an abundance of guys at certain positions ... people ask those types of questions."