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Eagles Trade Rumors: Raiders Discussed Trade For Vince Young

When the Raiders lost QB Jason Campbell for the season, they immediately went into search mode for a new quarterback. They settled on sending a king’s ransom, reportedly a first round pick in 2012 and 2013 2nd rounder that could rise to a first, to the Bengals for Carson Palmer. The Raiders also take on $7.5 million in salary this year and $11.5 million next season. That’s a ton for a QB that hasn’t practiced or played in a year and frankly looked like a shell of himself over the last few seasons anyway.

But that said, the interesting angle from an Eagles perspective is that the Raiders were also interested in Vince Young. Adam Schefter reports that they explored a Vince Young trade, but that in the end Raiders coach Hue Jackson wanted to be re-united with Carson Palmer. Jackson coached the Bengals WRs from 2004 to 2006. That’s back when Carson Palmer was actually good, so maybe Hue hasn’t watched any tape since…

So if Carson Palmer fails a physical or still wants to be retired, maybe the Raiders will end up sending some of those first picks the Eagles way and Vince Young gets shipped out…. That’s just wishful thinking though.