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Eagles Vs 49ers; Michael Vick Having A Big Day As Eagles Lead 20-3 At The Half

Michael Vick has thrown for 214 yards, two TDs and rushed for another 62 yards as the Eagles have opened up a big 20-3 lead over the 49ers at the half. As big of a blowout as it looks, the score actually flatters the Niners, who have struggled to get anything going on offense and have benefited from Eagles mistakes on defense.

The one glaring mistake was on the goal line, when Ronnie Brown inexplicably tried to throw or lateral the ball as he was being tackled. It was called a fumble that the 49ers recovered and cost the Eagles at least a FG. Honestly, it was maybe the worst decision I’ve seen a veteran football player make ever.

The highlight play of the afternoon anywhere in the NFL this afternoon had to Michael Vick’s 16 yard TD pass to Clay Harbor. Vick probably should have been sacked twice on the play, but he wriggled out of a tackle by 49ers DE Ray McDonald, who had two arms around him, before finding Clay Harbor wide open for the first TD of the day. Check out the play here, it has to be seen to be believed.