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Philadelphia Eagles To Induct Jim Johnson & Eric Allen Into Honor Roll

The Eagles announced today that they will induct Eric Allen and Jim Johnson into franchise's honor at halftime of this Sunday night's game against the Cowboys. Allen will be on hand and Jim Johnson's widow, Vicki, will accept the honor on his behalf.

Really, there's nothing not to like about this. It's been 12 years since the Eagles inducted someone into their honor roll, so it's nice to see in the first place, but even better that there's two such deserving members. I love that team is bringing back Eric Allen, who was such a key of those great defenses in the late 80s and early 90s. In my opinion, he's still the finest corner to ever suit up for this team. Allen played seven seasons here and made five pro bowls in That time (6 in his career). He's the only player in league history to ever return three or more INTs for TDs in seperate seasons.

His pick 6 against the Jets in 1993 is still widely seen as the greatest INT return in history. Watch for yourself after the jump.

As for Jim Johnson, I don't even feel a need to explain why he belongs. Anyone reading this site is old enough to what he meant to the franchise and great job he did here. Under his watch, Eagles defensive players earned 26 pro bowls and the team allowed the 4th fewest points in the NFL over his tenure.

Can't wait to see these two honored.