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Eagles Vs. Cowboys: Philadelphia Will Challenge Stout Dallas Run Defense

The Philadelphia Eagles certainly respect the Dallas Cowboys run defense. But that doesn't mean the Eagles will shy away from the challenge.

"We're going to run the football, that's what we do," said Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid, whose ground game is led by LeSean McCoy's 569 yards. "We're not going to stop running the ball."

The Cowboys, anchored by a talented front line, have afforded a league-leading 69.7 rushing yards per game.

"Tops in the league and very worthy of that," said Reid. "They're big, strong, physical guys up front. I include the two outside linebackers in that. And then the two inside linebackers, when they're in their base personnel, run around and make plays. I mean, they're excellent football players. And when their safeties get involved in the box, their safeties are good tacklers and physical."

Reid complimented Dallas defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, calling the Cowboys defense aggressive and noting the unit's versatility. Reid said one person who makes Ryan's defense especially tough to handle is linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

"They move him all over the place, inside, outside. He's one of the best in the business. Again, tremendous athlete, football player. He, along with the other fella, they've got a few other guys on that defensive line too that are pretty good, so that's a great challenge for our offensive line," said Reid.

The Eagles will have their hands full with Dallas's defense, which snapped New England's streak of 30-point games two weeks ago and surrendered only seven points last week to St. Louis. But Philadelphia's own defense will be bolstered, too.

Defensive end Trent Cole is set to return from an injury that sideline him for two weeks. Reid said Cole should not have any limitations.

"Well listen, he's a Pro Bowl player and that's what he's been year, after year, after year, and he brings a lot of energy to our football team, and so to have him back is a good thing," said Reid. "You add him into the mix, that's a healthy thing."

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