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Michael Vick: 'Do I Really Have To Explain How I Feel?'

The Eagles were believed to be one of the NFL’s elite contenders heading into this season, but thus far, they’ve proven to be anything but. After handily defeating the Rams in Week 1, the Birds have dropped games to the Falcons, Giants, and 49ers, with each of the three losses coming as a result of blown leads. Arguably faced with a must-win scenario vs. San Francisco on Sunday, quarterback Michael Vick put on a show and set a personal record for passing yards, but his team faltered yet again, slumping to 1-3 after four games. What does Vick have to say?

“Do I really have to explain how I feel?” he said after Week 4’s loss. Clearly irritated with the Eagles’ lack of success in recent games, Vick stared at the media member who posed him the question, displaying his emotions without speaking. “Do I really have to explain how I feel at 1-3? Do I really have to explain that to everyone here? It’s frustrating. I can’t put that into words."

Vick threw for 416 yards and ran for another 75 on Sunday, but the Eagles failed to hang on to a 20-point lead, allowing the Niners to come back and drop the Birds to the cellar of the NFC East. “It’s shocking,” Vick said. “It’s frustrating. Other than that, I don’t know what to say…We have to take into consideration ourselves and go out and make it happen. That’s about it. They can’t go on the field and play for us. We have to go out and make it work. We have to get it done. We have to get it done.”