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Eagles Vs Cowboys Tidbits & Trivia

The Eagles host the Cowboys in primetime on NBC's Sunday night football. It's the Eagles second primetime game of the year and the first of five national TV games they'll play in the next six weeks. If there was ever a week for these Birds to prove they're "ready for primetime" this is it. So here's some interesting notes for tonight's game.

- Here's a great bar bet question for tonight. Which current Eagles WR has the most career TDs against the Cowboys? Steve Smith with three. Guarantee you win a free beer for that.

- Michael Vick has a career 104.2 QB rating against the Cowboys with his first start coming against them in 2001.

- Tommy Lawlor had an interesting observation. The Eagles haven't beaten Tony Romo in two years. He swept us in 2009 and was injured for both games in 2010.

- Eric Allen, who will be inducted into the Eagles honor roll tonight, is tied for the franchise lead in INTs (34) and leads them in pick sixes with five.

- Jim Johnson will also be inducted in the honor roll tonight. His 2001 Eagles D is only the fourth in NFL history to play a 16 game season in which they never allowed more than 21 points.

- The Eagles starting defensive line has 11.5 career sacks against the Cowboys.

- The Eagles have the sixth best home record in the NFL since the Linc was opened, but have lost five straight there including the playoffs.