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Video: Michael Vick Hits Jeremy Maclin For A TD

The Eagles took the opening drive of the game 74 yards down the field and capped it off with this TD from Michael Vick to Jeremy Maclin. Initially, it seems like the Cowboys had the perfect call and got several guys into the backfield, but unfortunately for them, the Eagles had a screen play on. Vick found Maclin out to the right and he had no less than five Eagles in front of him looking for Cowboys to block.

Maclin turned on the jets and ran it in for a 12 yard TD. You'll see on this play that the Eagles had so many guys out in front and the Cowboys had over-committed to the blitz so bad that offensive lineman Evan Mathis can't even find anyone to block. Great redzone call that really set the tone for a huge first half for the Eagles and if you'll notice... the call was Michael Vick's. This was not the play that was on originally, he audibled to it when the Cowboys showed blitz on the play.

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