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Michael Vick: LeSean McCoy Is "By Far One Of The Best In This League"

Last night, LeSean McCoy set a career high with 185 yards rushing in what was a true coming out party for the third year back. It was the most yards the Cowboys have given up to a RB since 2000 and the most an Eagles RB has rushed for since Duce Staley ran for 201 yards in the famous pickle juice game against those same Cowboys.

So it’s no surprise that McCoy was the talk of the post game press conferences.

"I think Shady has shown us pretty much everything that he’s shown us for that last two years – that he’s a dynamic player and he’s by far one of the best in this league." said Michael Vick. "You have to give a lot of credit to the offensive line, I mean those guys did great in the run game, great in the protection game. They’re starting to gel and play with confidence and believe in one another. It’s one thing I always tell them – believe in yourself and believe in one another and I think they do us well. Sorry if I got sidetracked in answering your question. I know you asked about LeSean, but you have to give those guys kudos too."

"He’s a beast, man." Added Jeremy Maclin. "He’s definitely one of the premier backs in this league. He does great things with the ball in his hands. I think today we had a great balance of run and pass and I think if we do that and we maintain that, I think we’re pretty hard to beat."

Andy Reid also said that McCoy is one of the very best in the game right now.

"Right now, he’s playing as well as any running back there is. That is a compliment to him and the guys blocking around him. The receivers had a couple of nice downfield blocks as well, so it was kind of a joint effort. LeSean is tough to bring down one-on-one. He has tremendous quickness and lateral mobility."

Cowboys LB Keith Brookings couldn’t help but be impressed as well.

"He is a very good runner and if you get out of position McCoy can expose you very quickly. He did that tonight. It is hard to tell but he is a great player and I think he won the battle tonight. He really made some great yardage on his own. He ran inside and outside and just really did it all tonight."